Family Portraits of Ryan, Melanie & baby Danica

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What an honour to be welcomed into the home of Ryan and Melanie, meet baby Danica and capture precious images of this young family.

WEB Danica DSC9011-2 BW

One thing I have learnt taking photos of babies is they nothing good happens if they’re overtired or hungry. Parents reading this are probably thinking, “Well hello, welcome to my world!”

So, when it came to photographing Ryan and Melanie with their beautiful baby daughter Danica (you can see their maternity session here), we realised that we’d may have to take breaks or even end a session early. Fortunately, between her naps and a feed, my husband and I captured some precious images of this young family in their home. Plus, while we waited for Danica, Ryan brought us coffee and biscuits as we fussed over Rocco, their pitbull who was instantly besotted with my Mr and lay, belly up, at his feet in anticipation of tummy rubs. The perfect break for two dog lovers and one mild coffee addict (um, that would be me).

Thanks to Ryan and Melanie for inviting us into their home and sharing a glimpse of their family life with us.

WEB Danica DSC9081

WEB Danica DSC9020

WEB Danica DSC9015-1

WEB Danica DSC9055

WEB Danica DSC9104 BW

WEB Danica DSC8980-2

WEB Danica DSC9062

WEB Family portrait with baby Danica DSC9138

WEB Danica DSC9060-2


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